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The operation is generally performed under general anaesthetic or analgesic. The latter type of anaesthetic is a combination of a sedative administered intravenously and local anaesthetic. The medicines which induce a state of mental relaxation and calm are administered intravenously. The local anaesthetic is injected into the face when the patient is already sleeping so that the discomfort of the injection is not perceived at all. No pain is experienced during the operation.

Sometimes a complete general anaesthetic is preferable. This may be discussed with the anaesthetist. In any case, the anaesthetic is administered by the anaesthetist who will be present throughout the operation.

The operation lasts around 3-4 hours, depending on the amount of work which needs to be carried out in the various areas of the face, neck and scalp. A small strip of hair is removed at the temporal area and behind the ear, and if the forehead is to undergo a lift, also in the front area or further back, at the crown. The edges of the wound on the scalp, covered by normal-length hair, will be held together via sutures and the incisions will thus be hidden.

The incisions descend from the scalp in the temporal area to the front of the ear, curve towards the bottom around the earlobe and continue in the sulcus behind the ear upwards, to the upper edge of the ear and once more downwards and then into the hair in the nape area.

There is no scar at the base of the hairline and thus, patients can wear their hair up if they wish without the scar being visible. The scalp is raised and freed from the muscular tissues below via these incisions. It may be necessary to remove fat from the area below the jaw. The fascia of muscles of facial expression is detached as a separate layer and stretched upwards and backwards. The excess is then removed and the wound is stitched.

All this occurs under the skin so that it can redistribute with minimum stress above the muscles which are tightened.

Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)




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